Harry Tissot

Harry Tissot has spent most of his life travelling and taking photographs. Over the years, Harry has accumulated thousands of travel stock images.  However, his real passion has always been fine art and in particular, raw street photography - but until now, he has never had the opportunity to select and present his captivating images for others to view.  


Harry's images are full of life. Capturing unique moments often full of emotion, melancholy or mystery - or all three. Each image leaves the viewer speculating over the story it has to tell. Which is exactly Harry's intention.  He wants to draw the viewer into his images and provide the visual stimulation to set their imagination off on a magical meditative journey - an aim accomplished with aplomb.


Altogether you have a selection of images - a small number which we are very proud to showcase by following the links in the menu bar above - which contribute to a contemporary take on the much loved 'photographe humaniste', an historic genre pushed to one side by the digital age's insatiable appetite for 'the next new'.